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Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) On-Line State Assessment



Our students will take the MAAP state assessment this school year on-line. The assessment will be administered in several sections – 1 day of math on-line and two days of reading/language on-line. Your child has been taught all the standards and has even had time to practice on-line assessments in our computer labs. Please encourage your child to do their best and to be present and on time on their state testing days.

Your child will test on the following dates:  _________________

Also remind your child of the district electronic policy during state assessments:

Student Notification of     

Prohibition of Electronic Communication Devices during Statewide Tests

The Mississippi Public Schools Accountability Standards, 2006, Appendix F, Section IV, #19, prohibits the possession and/or use of any electronic communication device, including cell phones and personal digital assistance devices, by students during the administration of scheduled statewide tests. Possession of any such device, even if it is not being used, is a violation of state policy (and local policy, if applicable).  Example:  A student having a cell phone in his/her possession anywhere on his/her person during the test administration is a testing violation.  The consequence of this testing violation is that the test results for that student will be invalid; therefore, the score of any student in possession of these prohibited devices during the test administration will be invalid and therefore automatically non-passing.

This policy has been explained to me, and I understand that the consequence of this testing violation is an invalid/non-passing score.

Thank you for all you do to encourage and support your child’s education. Ask your child about the incentive for being present and on time for each day of testing. 😊


NWEMS Teachers and Staff